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How to Sell a Classic Car

Our goal is to expedite the sale of your car quickly and keep you, the owner, from having to experience the headaches and expense that can come with selling it yourself. We offer competitive rates and a simple process. Call us today at 1-800-650-1055 or email us at to arrange a time for you to bring your classic car in and see how easy it is to do business with us.

When you bring your car, please provide the following:

  • Clear Title (all parties listed on the title must accompany car)
  • Simply make an appointment with Tom Marshall and remember to bring your nice classic along with the free & clear Title for us to make a copy of.
  • Driver’s license of all owners listed on the title
  • Location of the VIN
  • Car to be “showroom ready”
  • Any documentation describing work done to your car and information
    about any certifications or awards associated with your car
    Fees for consigning your car with us:
  • FREE Consignment
  • There are no hidden fees. Our commission is obtained by pricing the car at a reasonable amount over the consignment amount agreed upon. Once your car is sold, funds received and secured, and title transferred, a check will be made available to you.

For more information on consigning your car please email us:

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